Rappin' With The President Wrap-Up: US Auto Execs Play In The Rose Garden

We were a bit slow on the Tivo button, so all we've got is the last four minutes of the just-to-the-side-of-the Rose Garden press conference where "Slick" Rick Wagoner, Tom "Two-Shoes" LaSorda and Alan "Get Yer Irish Up Like A Boeing Jet" Mulally officially reported out the obvs outcome of their meeting with the President. Comments like "We're not looking for a buyout" apparently couldn't be emphasized enough, with the only surprise being that they were allowed a one hour meeting rather than a mere 45 minutes. Oh, and those aren't our nicknames for the CEO's of the Big Three — we're kind of assuming those are President Bush's doing.

Clear The Streets, DC! US Auto Chieftains Driving To Meet President At 1:15 PM [internal]

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