Random Off-Road Subaru Hoonage Is One Of The Best Kinds Of Hoonage

Hoonage, as we like to note on a regular basis around these parts, comes in all shapes and sizes. I have to say I'm pretty partial to off-road hoonage, especially when Subarus are involved. It's nice to catch a car in its natural element, you see.


That's exactly what Austin-based photographer Ash Turner did this last weekend when he was hanging out with rally driver Brianne Corn at her raceway in Maxwell, Texas.

Turner, a WRX STI owner himself, was able to capture some random Subaru action out on the dirt, which he strung together to make this video. It's a fun watch, and it will make you wish you could have been there. I know I do.

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GC8 Forever!!! With what looks like a WRX/STi Swap since it has a newer model gauge cluster.