Random Delta Flight Confirmation Code Reads 'H8GAYS'

You know those random numbers that are generated to confirm a plane ticket when you fly? There is the chance that they could spell something funny. Or something offensive, like H8GAYS. Whoops.

Jeff White was flying on Delta from Pensacola to New York when he looked down at his ticket and saw that his confirmation code was "H8GAYS." It made him look twice, he tells The Chicago Tribune:

At first I didn't think I read it right. I was worried that another customer might think I somehow picked that code. If I were a gay male, I might have thought that a Delta worker purposely gave me that code, and that would have made me extremely uncomfortable.


These codes aren't user selected and are actually generated totally randomly by a computer. Delta recognized that this was an unfortunate coincidence and told The Chicago Tribune that they'll be taking steps to make sure that future combinations aren't offensive like this one.

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