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Ram raised a lot of eyebrows when their sales passed the Chevrolet Silverado by 285 trucks last month, but the Bowtie has regained a comfortable lead selling over 6,000 more Silverados than Chrysler sold Rams in April 2014.

Silverado sales only increased slightly from 42,247 in March to 42,755 last month, but Ram slid from 42,532 March truck sales down to 36,674 in April. That gives Chevrolet a 6,081 lead. Meanwhile GMC moved 17,246 Sierras last month, about 3,000 units better than they did in April 2013.


Chevrolet is leading by a more substantial margin in 2014 overall, with 150,512 Silverado sales to Ram's 133,580. However, this year's Silverado sales are down 3.5% from 2013 while Ram has picked up their sales pace by an impressive 23% from last year.

Ford still reigns supreme with 63,386 F-Series pickup truck sales last month, putting them at 236,745 units for 2014. They're doing 3.9% better than they were this time last year.

So while Ford leads the pack by a long shot and Silverado furiously defends their second-place spot, Ram is still getting good traction in big-picture sales. They could still get the win for the year if people stay hot on those EcoDiesel pickups.

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