If you're going to jump a median to demonstrate how cool your modified Ram is, please learn how to use both the "go" and the "brake" pedal. This moron didn't, and took out a classic VW Caddy and an STI.

This unfortunate bit of mayhem occurred last night at an Atlanta parking lot car show. Everyone appears to be playing nice until the Ram owner makes a run for the curb, jumps it, never finds the brakes and bounces off a Subaru STI and lands on a vintage VW Caddy truck.


The driver was later arrested when the police found a little stupidity lubricant in his pocket, according to poster 02WRX<3 at NASIOC.

he was arrested, and when they searched them they found about a ounce of marijuana on him. as u guys can see, he could have killed someone easily. The guy is around 30 years old too, some people never grow up.


As their brains get smaller, their trucks get bigger, sadly.

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