We may or may not have beef with the 2014 Toyota Corolla, depending on who you ask. But that doesn't mean we have cow meat with all Toyota Corollas. I certainly have no problem with the rally-winning WRC Toyota Corolla. Nope. No problem at all.


The Toyota Corolla WRC took a whole bunch of parts out of the Championship-winning Toyota Celica GT-Four, including much of the engine and the drivetrain, and stuffed into a nimble little Euro hatchback.

And really, it is just perfect, because it looks so much like every 1990s hatchback you see Stateside, except hooning and slithering about public roads like we've all always dreamed of. You know, without the inevitable crash at the end.

The Corolla WRC won four rallies overall, including the Rallye Monte-Carlo, and took home the manufacturer's title for Toyota in 1999.

And I want it.

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