Racing Towards Completion Of Toyota Celica GT-S For 2008 Detroit(ish) 24 Hours Of Lemons

We've been keeping most of the details under wraps up until this point, but we've been feverishly prepping an entry for this weekend's 2008 Detroit(ish) 24 Hours of Lemons at the Toledo Speedway. We won't go into how long we've had to transform this 1988 Toyota Celica GT-S from a police-auction special into a rip-roaring Lemons machine, but suffice to say, it's not been nearly long enough. The frantic work pace is evident in that it took us but 6 hours to go from "fully complete road car" to "stripped down and ready for a cage." Battling time and the parts counter, we're coming into the final build day confident of success.
These shots come at you from the first build day, and we're not planning on showing the finished result 'till we get it all done. It has been a battle of wills at times, with enough busted knuckles and extremely late nights to make it feel like a marathon more than a grand prix. We'll be shuttling the car down to the track tomorrow and bringing you as much coverage as we can muster between frantic wrenching and frantic pit row bullshitting sessions. Hope you enjoy.


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