Race Caws! Stunt Caws! Super Loopa!

Thunderjet and AFX slot cars manufactured by the Aurora Plastics Corporation of West Hempstead, New York forever etched racing cars into the minds of impressionable youth. The company also made some forays into gravity powered Hot Wheels style racing toys. By the looks of this old commercial for their Speedline Stunt and Drag Set, it seems they went as far as three or four feet from the factory to recruit a couple of kids rooting through the dumpster for spare slot car parts as talent. Hey you kids get outta there! You wanna be in a commercial? Lookit da box!

Movie AFX: Slot-Car Cam [Internal]

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Al Navarro

That commercial makes me so glad my parents moved out of Long Island before I acquired the sort of accent that says "Aurorer"!

Ah, the simple days of gravity powered hoonage. We had one classic "how far a chasm will it jump" activity. That beat the loop-de-loop hands down.