At the end of the final practice session for the NASCAR Xfinity Hisense 300, Chad Boat spun out and cut into Charlotte Motor Speedway’s infield, where his splitter dug up a crap-ton of grass. Then the same thing happened to Boat during qualifying. Conclusion: race cars do not make good lawnmowers.

Here’s the initial spin-out, where Boat’s noble Camaro-badged chariot makes a royal mess.

When the splitter digs in like that, it causes a whole lot of damage to the front of the car. He was forced to use a back-up car for qualifying, only to spin out in the same spot, which you can view here.

Poor Car. Poor Boat.

Chad’s BB Motorsports team had to thrash to get a car together in time for the race, which is happening now.


The upside is that his off-road adventures have been turned into a meme overlaid with lawnmower noises:


For the record, even with lawnmower noises added, that is not an effective way to mow your lawn. Not for your home. Not for your office. Definitely not for the infield grass at Charlotte.

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