Race Car Prep Is An Art, Not A Science: Belvedere Burnout Bonanza

Preparation of the extremely bent '66 Plymouth Belvedere obtained for free by Belvedere Adrian (aka Plymsole) for the Arse-Freeze-A-Pa-Looza LeMons race continues, with the suspension and brakes functioning- mostly- and the 318 grunting out sufficient torque to turn junkyard tires into glorious smoke on command. The car is still being used as a daily driver by one team member, and he says the Project Car Hell stencil on the door gets a lot of attention from the ladies. Of course! Make the jump for even more Belvedere hoonage.

Some of you may have recognized Black Metal V8olvo pit crew hero and Audi Fox wagon owner Shawn in the video above; he ended up getting shanghaied by the Thunderhill-bound Burning Brain Belvedere team, for whom he plans to show the Size Matters Fury guys a thing or two about which Plymouth rules the racetrack.

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While this will make a really great LeMons car, I have just a couple of teeny tiny concerns.

1) The Belvedere looks all twisted, like it was dropped off a loading dock. How is that going to affect it's drivability? (actually looking at the second video, that question has been answered. It looks like there's absolutely no handling whatsoever)

2) If a Motor Mount broke already, what's going to happen when you really ring it out on the track?

3) Is there going to be a brake upgrade, 'cause it looks like this car is going to need stout brakes...