Race Car Driver Schools "Weirdo" Fan-Boy On Car Forum

Online forums give fans the opportunity to mouth off about athletes without fear of repercussions... unless the targeted athlete sees it and makes you look foolish. The chronology of a legendary online beatdown from champion racer Jason Plato below.

Jason Plato's a champion British touring car driver and a presenter on Britain's Fifth Gear. He's sort of Britain's Tanner Foust and, therefore, a target for automotive fan boys. Enter George Matthews, a poster on the PistonHeads car forum:


Yeah, hard to believe he didn't want to hang out in "freezing 2 degree cool." But could there be more to this story? It turns out there is! Jason Plato's not just a driver/presenter, he's also the holder of an account at the popular PistonHeads. This is where the thread gets legendary.

Ouch. Someone call the Internet fire department, because this dude just got burned. Here's his weak response:


Plato, in stellar form, signed off with this:

Ladies and Gents,

I have thoroughly enjoyed this tonight, most amusing to say the least. It has gone some way to dull down the last stages of my hangover from Dusseldorf last night.



(Hat tip to D-Fence)

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