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At a Mercedes dealership in Arizona, technicians found a rabbit stuck inside a car, so they set the little critter free. Watch the rabbit fall from the hoist, do a burnout on the smooth shop floor, and sends mechanics on a wild chase.

Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead in Peoria, Arizona sent us this clip of the rabbit gone rogue. The dealership said a customer came in with a check engine light, and the shop technicians noticed a bunch of chewed up wires. Eventually, the techs spotted a rabbit and, well, you can see what happened next:

Just look at that rabbit struggle for grip with its hind legs; if there’s such a thing as a rabbit-burnout, that’s got to be it. Just look at that drift around the GLA:

Illustration for article titled Rabbit Falls Out Of Mercedes Engine During Service

The dealership says this rabbit-in-the-engine situation is fairly common in the desert, though you wouldn’t know it by how the technicians hilariously flailed around trying to catch the little guy.

In anticipation of the first comment, here is your obligatory Yakety Sax to play along with the rabbit chase:

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