Questions Linger Over Johnson Daytona Win

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C'mon, why's everyone gittin' all over Nascar star and yesterday's Daytona 500 winner Jimmie Johnson? Just because his crew chief Chad "The Finagler" Knaus got himself suspended for slapping illegal aerodynamic appointments on Johnson's car before a qualifying run doesn't mean JJ's win in the most high-profile race of the year wasn't anything but legit. Or does it? According to NBC Sports's Bill Center, it could be the sport's rebel roots bubblin' up from the still.

After all, the sport is rooted in the hills of the rural southeast as a Saturday night release for men running moonshine as an occupation. Bending the rules until they looked like a hula hoop was part of the game ... part of the attraction.


At least Johnson wasn't driving the "Waste Management Chevrolet"(our apologies, Sterling).

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