A couple years back, we asked this question and enjoyed the hell out of the responses. Now we've got several octoquillion new readers, so let's drag this QOTD out of the junkyard and let the new guys tell their stories.

To shamelessly lift the text from V1.0 of this question. Yeah, a writer hits a new low when he plagiarizes himself, but I'm always looking for new nadirs:

Get on the horn to your parents or siblings or orphanage managers- whoever is in a position to tell you what sort of car got this whole mess started for you. Maybe it was the car that took newborn you home from the hospital (and you get Über Jalöpnik Bonus Points if your parents stopped by the Stop-N-Rob's parking lot to spin some celebratory donuts on the way). In my case the car was a '56 Olds, which I thought was kinda cool... until I asked some of my coworkers and found one whose first ride was in a '62 ZAZ-965 in Ossetia.


So what kind of car started it all for you? We're especially hoping to hear from Argentineans who rode in a brand-new 1960 Ford Falcon… in 1991.
Photo source: SpeedTV