Davey G's travels in the People's Republic has got us thinking โ€” what will the culture of Chinese cars be like? Ever since the Datsun 510 we've known about the SUPER POTENTIAL inherent to Japanese cars. Then the NSX showed us that the Rising Sun can beat the big boys at their own supercar game. And cheap. The upcoming hotness that will be the Skyline should cement Japan's position as technical high-performance car-ninjas in the minds of Americans. Even Korean cars are beginning to stand for something besides frickin' cheap. As to what exactly we don't know, but something. So we pose it to you, which country makes the cars you like the most? That speaks to you the loudest? That you dream about most often? Is it those stoic Germans and their horsepower mega-machines? The French with their oddball, well, oddballness? Americans with our love of the straight line, cupholders and sheer size? Personally, we can't decide between Britain and Italy. At all. You?

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