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J-vlar! The Trollhattan Saab bunch went all pear-shaped over our post yesterday in which we cued up their soothsaying on a prospective reskinning and AWD addition in the next 9-3. They say we spent too many words harping on a connection between the 2002 9-3x concept, and apparently too few genuflecting to their prophetic Sabbishness. But shrill cries of the wronged aside, we've got a question. With Saab appearing to wither on GM's vine of brands, what would it take to get it back to a place of reverance among those who should give a shit? After all, we have fond memories of being shuttled between frozen ponds for ad-hoc hockey matches, in the back seat of a 900 Turbo. There was that sound, that pull, and that feeling of protection, no matter how many Irish coffees our yuppie fathers had downed in the interim. We put it to you.

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