Question of the Day: What Would Barney Miller Drive?

There are some people who read this site who are too young to remember the greatness of Barney Miller. These people are sadly missing out. Also note the mad kung-fu skills of Wojciehowicz. For some reason, we can imagine Ben rocking this action. Unfortunately, when Spinelli rocked a Wojo ref to Mr. Wojdyla in Detroit, we found out he was like, zero years old and totally didn't get it. This must be rectified, and it must be rectified now, for if a smart and worldly chap like Ben knows not the greatness of Barney Miller, what chance to the rest of the poor, underage slobs who read this tripe have? So we ask all of you to reflect on what a retired, seventysomething police captain — undoubtedly living in Florida — would roll in today. Comment away, fellas, and educate the youth of today.

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