Question of the Day: Cheap Thrills

It's Monday and you know what that means, ladies and gentlemen, yes pierogies with alfredo sauce and a glass of Cran-Apple for all! We also thought that we'd toss out one of our not-quite-daily Questions of the Day. So here 'tis: You've got a 5,000-dollar budget. You are buying a vehicle for the hoontastic pursuit of your choice. With these five-thousand samoleons, you purchase a vehicle and can spend the remainder on hop-ups, mods, go-faster stripes, bumper stickers, chrome gewgaws that do nothing in particular, on and on and so forth. What would you buy? What would you add? And upon completion, what unspeakable acts of hoonage would you perpetrate with said conveyance? Go.

Question of the Day: Radio On! What Are Your Favorite Driving Songs? [Internal]


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