Qu Horror! MGs Meet Grisly Fates

Back when I was young and optimistic, I spent a couple years with MGs as daily drivers (this is the reason I am bitter and cynical now). When you own an MG, you spend a lot of time chasing parts and interacting with difficult men who are a little funny on the subject of British cars. Granted, they aren't as bad as the Corvair purists (because there's no danger they'll mistake you for Ralph Nader and spear you through the throat with a steering column) but they definitely get some scary facial tics when they detect something less than awed reverence for the little clankers from Abingdon. Here's a site for the masochists in that group. Yes, it includes an MGB-GTamino, albeit a very half-assed one.

MG Horrors - Fates Worse Than Death [MG Nuts]

Everything Old is MG Again: The Streetwise in China [internal]


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