QOTD: You Like Racing?

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I’ve been a car fancier for a long time, but it took me a while to get into racing. My parents weren’t fans, and it wasn’t really a thing among the people I grew up around, so it never stuck with me. Stick-and-ball sports were way more accessible. Even if I wasn’t great, at least I could play them and gain some familiarity with the rules and concepts.


That changed when I started at Autoweek. Once I got to know the sport, got familiar with the cars, the rules and all the ingenious ways they’re made to go fast and once I had driven on a track enough to have the barest frame of reference for how hard it would be to do what racing drivers do I was hooked.

Because liking something is way more fun when you have like-minded people to like it with, and because I don’t think you can really understand performance cars fully until you start to understand racing, I’ve put a lot of thought into why racing people are such a small subset of car people overall.

Where do you fit in? Are you a fan, an obsessive or someone who wants to get into it but hasn’t yet? Are you totally uninterested? You, in other words, like racing?

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One of the few things less interesting than racing is reading about racing. Even the prospect of having to gnaw my own arms off is more interesting.

If you are asking about what to run on Jalopnik on weekends, then something other than racing related articles would be my vote.