QOTD: What Would You Want In A Car Focused Multi-Tool?

Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife
Photo: Rory Carroll

For about the last decade or so, I’ve been in the habit of carrying a Leatherman in my right front pocket pretty much all the time. I’m not really a “gear” person, but I find it’s something I use several times a day most days. On days where I’m doing emergency roadside repairs, a basic Leatherman has several times been the difference between the abject humiliation of calling a tow truck and continuing on my merry way. Oddly though, I’ve never seen a multi-tool specifically designed for working on cars. I know I’ve wished I had a dull pry tool and a 10mm wrench before.


Do you keep one of these doodads on your person? Ever wish it was designed with you, the car idiot in mind? If you were designing one today, what would it absolutely need to have?

Jalopnik EIC '48 Willys CJ-2A, '84 Porsche 911, '15 VW GTI, '07 Lexus GX 470.



Nine 10mm sockets.