QOTD: What’s In Your Dream Garage?

Those JOWLS.
Those JOWLS.
Photo: ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP (Getty Images)

Every so often, a post will drift around Twitter where someone will ask about the cars you’d keep in your dream garage. Sometimes, there are stipulations—they can only be supercars, for example, or they have to be under $50,000. Sometimes, it’s just a free-for-all. So, I thought I’d ask—what cars are in your dream garage?


I’m just going to let y’all run wild. Pick anything. You want that million-dollar machine? You have at it. Would you single-handedly own the most Volkswagen buses in the entire world? Live your dream. Would you import nothing but cute little Saabs? I won’t judge.

Me, I’m not totally sure what I’d pick, but I do have a love affair for American muscle and art deco-style 1930s Grand Prix machines. I’d kill for an old Delahaye or Auto Union racer, the same way I’d love to have a Barracuda. I like cars with history, so my dream garage would probably end up doubling as a museum. Like the Simeone Museum, except it’s in my backyard.

My husband, I know, is a fan of luxury machines from the 1980s. I don’t really understand why he feels he needs a boxy Mercedes-Benz sedan, but that’s his thing, so he can just have at it. Live your best life. I don’t judge.

But I know you other fine folks have different ideas of what constitutes a dream garage, so give me your best.

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Mine is really weird.

Volkswagen air-cooled cars: the Beetle, a 21-window Samba, a Karmann Ghia, and an SP2.

AMC: an AMX, a 1973 Javelin, a Pacer, a Gremlin, a Marlin, a SC/Rambler, and a Hornet.

A Buick GS or GSX with the Star Wars air cleaner.

A Studebaker Avanti R2.

A second-generation turbocharged Corvair.

A Cosworth Vega.

A Nissan Juke R.

A DeLorean and a Bricklin.

A Lotus Elan, Esprit (one of each generation), and a Europa, preferably a JPS Twin Cam.

A Lamborghini/Italdesign Cala.

What can I say? I like unusual stuff. I also like more mainstream supercars, but it’s the odd ducks that really make me look twice.