QOTD: What Else Deserves a Comeback?

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Screenshot: Rory Carroll

So, QOTD is back. It’ll be a week or so before we start posting the the best answers, but it’s back. But what about COTD? Jalopnik Fantasy Garage? Someone mentioned that could use an update.


Behind the scenes, we’ve been pretty fixated on some new stuff and new voices lately. But seeing people jump right back into QOTD made me wonder if we should be dusting off anything else.

Obviously, there are a few people I’d like to see posting on the site again, and I’m scheming to make some of that happen. But what about things, recurring features? What deserves another look?

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I’d like to see more content in general. Seems kinda light over the last year or so.

Maybe its staff turnover or maybe it’s just me, but, let’s hire more writers and give us more.

COVID has made most of us craving more silly car culture escapism than ever in this train wreck of a year.