QOTD: What Car Have You Changed Your Mind On?

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Jason’s post about bustleback cars of the ’80s could not have been better timed. I’d recently spotted a Cadillac Seville, maybe an ’85 tiptoeing up Woodward and thought, “Man, why did I grow up hating those things?”

I had some interest in late ’80s-early ’90s Cadillacs as a teenager; they were old by then but comfy and more interesting than the Berettas and Grand Prix (Grands Prix?) that were commonly driven by teens at the time.

So I’d get excited when I’d see a Seville coming, but I can remember being physically revolted when those truncated trunks came into view. The car was designed for a long rear decklid. Without it the proportions are very goofy and the bustleback makes it look like the trunk’s melting off. It looks wrong.


But now, for whatever reason, I find that specific car the car I hated the most in the world 20 years ago really compelling. It works for me.

So, what have you changed your mind on?

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The Banglebacks -- I thought they were hideous new, but the design really has aged gracefully. The E90 is perhaps one of the nicest looking sedans in the last 15 years