QOTD: So, How You Doing This Morning?

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I don’t mean to steal Erik Shilling’s favorite TMS reverse gear, but we were talking in our Jalopnik Slack this morning about how best to serve you, our readers, on this deeply weird day. Our mission here is always to do the best by you, which begs the question: how are you doing today?


Personally, I’m exhausted. I had a blood draw to do today but canceled it as I already feel my life-force slowly slipping away and don’t need a probably slightly hungover phlebotomist taking any more. We all knew last night would be a mess, but why is it a surprise?

Today our plan, as always, is to edu-tain our readers about cars and car-related issues. Why mess with what we know? Anyway, tell us how you’re doing in the comments. What you’re thinking and feeling, how was your election night, and hell, post some pictures of your good-ass cars. I think we could all use a distraction as we step forward into a very uncertain history.

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Like I finally know what it was like to be in Germany in 1932. Not that I ever wanted to know what that felt like, but alas, here we are.  It’s a very on-brand day for 2020.