QOTD: How Is Your Town Using Cars For A Socially-Distanced Halloween?

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The whole concept of Halloween is pretty much a no-go in 2020. Wandering around the streets and letting strangers hand you candy that they’ve touched? Not a smart plan in the middle of pandemic. Because of that, a lot of cities across North America have decided that the traditional Halloween trick-or-treating just isn’t going to happen this year, but some places have decided that they’re still going to host a spooky Halloween—you’ll just have to drive up to it.


Initially, I wanted to write a little story about some of the coolest things cities and towns have been doing to maintain the Halloween spirit while still keeping everyone safe... but there were way too many options.

Out in Edmonton, Canada, hearse enthusiasts are decking out their vehicles to host a parade. Near my mom’s house in Texas, a town has decided to host a static parade, where spooky floats line the street and then you drive your car past to look at them.

I’ve heard tons of stories about haunted car washes, which are basically the car-friendly version of a haunted house, where red neon lights make it seem as if your car is being doused in blood and costumed attendants appear from nowhere to knock on your windows.

There are haunted trails, haunted roads, and haunted tunnels that aren’t car washes but still give you a spooky experience. My hometown normally decks out a trail near the elementary school with costumed actors and eerie decorations, but they’ve moved the annual celebration to a different trail this year—one large enough for cars to drive pst.

And, if you’re more in the mood to hang out in one spot, drive-in movie theaters across North America are offering a lineup of horror movies—both kid-friendly and not—to keep you entertained.

The more I looked, the more I found—and I started thinking that I wasn’t even finding the coolest car-related Halloween escapades. So, I thought I’d ask the group: how are you and your cars celebrating this Halloween?



This is Florida, where the governor said “hold my beer” and removed all Covid restrictions a month or so ago. Doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary is happening with Halloween here. Not that there are many trick or treaters in God’s Waiting Room, FL anyway. Plenty of cryptkeepers though!

Also - the chances of getting Covid-19 from some pieces of wrapped candy are about the same as getting a VD from a toilet seat. Yeah, it *could* happen, but you would have to be damned unlucky. Or spend a *lot* of time licking toilet seats.