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Qatari Kid's Lamborghini Taken By London Police

The summer season is upon us, and while in the States that means barbecues and beaches, in London that means the annual influx of vacationers from the Arabian Gulf. That includes Nasser Al-Thani, 24, of Qatar, who forgot his drivers license and insurance information.


Members of London's Metropolitan Police Service, who take no guff, ticketed Al-Thani and took away his (parents') purple and orange Lamborghini, which supposedly "glows in the dark," according to Motoramic. Apparently poor taste is phosphorescent.

Al-Thani, who is a member of Qatar's ruling family and is perhaps best known for his fleet of turquoise supercars, was originally pulled over for missing number plates. Al-Thani has since returned to The Grid, where he lives to fight Tron another day.


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Nick Has an Exocet

Is it bad that I really like that paint job?