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Q7 Gets R10'd: Le Mans-Derived Diesel for Audi SUV

Illustration for article titled Q7 Gets R10d: Le Mans-Derived Diesel for Audi SUV

It was only a matter of time, really. Build the most famous, unlikely diesel of the year and people are gonna talk if you don't announce plans to stuff a detuned version of it under the hood of a passenger vehicle. The first recipient? The Q7 SUV, which will get a 500hp, 720-torques version of Audi's Le Mans-winning V12 diesel for the '08 model year. Apparently, a version of the A8 will follow in its footsteps. And that's a car, which frankly, could end up being the ultimate transcontinental weapon.


Report: Audi Q7 to Get Le Mans Derived V12 TDI [Autoblog]

Oh, Now That's Tasteful: JE Design's Audi Q7 [Internal]

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Mike Spinelli

It may not look better, but It'll definitely sound angry. Like it's having a hormone meltdown.