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We once saw Hugh Hefner driving one of these, sans pickup bed. Same color, though. With Playboy seat covers. Pulling out onto Sunset not far from his mansion. It was either Hefner incognito, or a Heffabe, but we suspect that 'ol Hugh figured that people would see him in a Festiva and think, "That totally can't be Hef." We swear it was him. Besides, Billy Gibbons has been known to roll undercover in an Aspire. Wanna pull more tail than either of those guys? Don't set your nav system toward La Grange —, head to eBay. The bidding's at a mere hunski at the moment. Meanwhile, we're holding out for a right-hand-drive Fiestachero XR2i. Snapper central, mark our words. [Thanks to Brian for the tip.]

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