Illustration for article titled PUTC Sets Up Aussie Sh-Ute-Out Between Holden VE And Ford Falcon FG, We Demand Dibs On Round Two!

Color us here at Jalopnik red with jealousy. Our friends at sent their Aussie stringer James Stanford out back to let him get in touch with his inner hoon. What better way to do it than by running a brand spankin' new 2008 Holden VE Ute head-to-head with a 2008 Ford Falcon FG Ute? Stanford found out all the really important technical details on the two new car-based pickups — like both can hold a slab of 24 stubbies (beer bottles) behind each seat. Yes, the important technical details were covered, but how do each Ute do at going frontways? Sideways? Backways? You'll have to head over to PUTC for the specifics, but according to Stanford, the Ford out-drags the Holden, but the Holden took down the Falcon by a few tenths of a second in the almost-quarter-mile. We think we'd probably call that a tie. Sounds to us like they should send team Jalopnik over for the round two, eh?



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