Put A Decepticon In Your Driveway

Having your own Decepticon is probably a double-edged sword. (Can't trust the little buggers.) But this 2005 Saleen Mustang Barricade prop car from the movie "Transformers" will certainly keep the kids off your lawn.

There are movie cars and then there are awesome movie cars. If you couldn't swing the price of the Goldfinger DB5 (it recently changed hands at $4.1 million), here's your chance to get the Barricade car from the movie Transformers.


Full futuristic cop markings, working lights, a complete interior and all the goodies that came with the car when it was originally built as a Saleen S281.

With one exception.

Oddly enough, the supercharger has been removed because the microphones would pick up the whine.

It stands at just $21,600. Bid today, start scaring children tomorrow.



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