Puphut Does Nothing To Increase Ferociousness Of Your Pooch

All the credibility you gained driving that F-350 will be thrown out the window once the guys catch you rocking a Puphut in your big, beastly truck. Puphut is what it says it is: a hut, for your truck, so your dog can stay nice and protected when you are hauling him around town. Back off for a second, PETA, and listen. Dogs can take the weather and unless you drive around all day with your dog in the bed, I'm more than sure Old Yeller will be fine for the 10 minute trip to the hardware store.


You know who definitely doesn't need a Puphut? Uno, the beagle that won Best in Show this week at Westminster Kennel Club. That little guy is a champ and can tackle all of the elements. Now do you really want a beagle showing up your big, bad Lab? Puphut can be had for $230 and even comes in tacky camo! [Puphut via Ubergizmo]

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