Punched In The Fun Bags: DaimlerChrysler Recalls 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickups Over Air Bags

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The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid today announced it was recalling 145,000 '06 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups to replace the "passenger air bag pack" and reprogram the 'puter telling it how to deploy. While it's in the shop, they're gonna just go ahead and also replace the "front passenger seat assembly" because there's a chance it may not allow certain child restraint systems to be properly secured. Oof, flying babies — not a good thing. In a totally unrelated recall...

...the Chrysler Group will also be asking 35,000 2001-2003 Dodge Durango's to step into the shop, because it could randomly cause your ABC to catch fire — no, not the Ass-Ball-Connection — the Area-Between-the-Console-and-seat. But come to think of it, if one catches fire in a 2001-2003 Dodge Durango, the other'll probably catch fire too.

Dodge trucks recalled for air bags [Detroit News]

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Rabbi Dave

the weird thing with the dodge ram recall is how many people are putting this type of rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat? not 143000. The fire recall concerns me more.