Pulitzer Prize Winner Charlie LeDuff Is Sick Of Your Crap, Detroit

Detroit's Fox 2 news reporter Charlie Duff didn't get his Pulitzer by sucking some politician's dick. Or anyone's dick. When an ambulance breaks down in the middle of a gunfight he doesn't shrink from blaming the right people: the politicians. And you, Detroit, for putting up with it.


Yes, Detroit has become the crime-infested future we were warned about in RoboCop. The cellphone video of the EMT talking while various people fire guns in the background and the dispatcher tells him to have a "Happy New Year" might as well be the intro to RoboCop 4.

And then there's LeDuff himself, looking like Sean Pean's smack-dealing doppleganger talking about the "punks and the politicians" in a way that lets you know he sees little difference between the two. There's no veneer of false objectivity here. The city government says you're getting new Ambulances Detroit, but "that's a lie."

Never change Charlie.


Jonathan Harper

To be fair, I doubt many Pulitzers were won by dick sucking alone...