Puerto Rican Rapper Pushes Own Maserati Off Cliff Because Consumerism

Puerto Rican rap group Calle 13's frontman René Pérez Joglar is not happy with the state of hip hop. He thinks it's all driven by money and greed and conspicuous consumption. Now he wants to show consumerism who's boss, starting with... um, a car he bought himself.


TMZ reports that the latest video by Calle 13 (whom I've never heard of, but the Puerto Rican anti-Maserati rap scene is one of the scenes I'm least down with) for their song "Adentro" features Pérez first trashing his Quattroporte with a baseball bat given to him by Willie Mays and then driving it off a cliff. Here's why:

Rene tells us, "I bought the Maserati because I myself fell victim to the stereotypes. I thought that once I had a nice house and a nice car that meant I had made it in the entertainment industry."

He adds, "When I started using the car, it made me feel uncomfortable owning it ... because I realized that the car stood for everything that is wrong with society ... Material goods aren't what makes life worthwhile."

But driving fast in a cool car helps make life worthwhile if you enjoy it! That's what I think, anyway.

My guess is he took the Quattroporte in for an oil change and got a sense of what the repair bills would be like. Then this happened.

Oh well. At least it wasn't a Bora or something.


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Sounds like someone having issues with his own life, but wanting to blame it on a system.

Nothing witty to say here, just annoyed when people blame something else instead of themselves for not trying to improve their life in quality ways.