Public Transit? Nein! Get a Beetle!

You could be getting soaked at a bus stop that's colder than a Stalingrad winter, musing film-noirishly about your crimes and the lack of inner moral compass that led to your current state (not understanding German allows us to put noir interpretations on the protagonist's monologue)... or you could be crammed behind the wheel of a 36-horsepower machine equipped with a flower vase and rust-enhancing floorpans. What's it gonna be?


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My l337 d3utsch3 sk1llz are very rusty, but here's more or less what the ad says:

Yeah, one must have a car.

Then Mom and the kids wouldn't have to wait so long.

Dad in his own car. That would be it!

Agile, synchronized, fast, and reliable!

I didn't think I could afford it!

Nobody can tell that I made a small deposit

and pay the rest off from my ongoing income.

...but... what would Mom have to say?

Right! she said, what does one work for anyway?

For gas and taxes, one saves a little money

Especially on vacation.

(In the early 50s, VW already stated their sales statistics)

Really, the VW is a present for the whole family.

And it makes you independent.

In autumn or winter, it needs no garage.

It starts in the cold, and you're on your way to work.

Yeah, one must have a VW, even if it's used.

Listen, I'm a technician. Either old or new, a VW is a VW. Even as a used car.