Hey John Davis and the rest of the Motorweek crew — thank you for the shout-out this morning.

This episode of television's longest running car show included a news segment about how Chrysler's planned surprise New York Auto Show reveal of the polarizing 2014 Jeep Cherokee was spoiled when Jalopnik featured exclusive photos of the car rolling off the assembly line in late February. Don't worry, Chrysler's over it. All in the game, playa.

Turn your speakers way up and check out that DVR-recorded clip above. Technically, this means that Travis Okulski has now been featured on Motorweek, so knowing him, today is almost certainly the greatest day of his entire life.

As you folks see every afternoon, we're big fans of Mr. Davis and everyone else at Motorweek, so we're pretty jazzed that they mentioned us. If anyone out there has better version of this video, feel free to send it our way.


Video credit Auto Spotters