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PT Cruiser PCH: Dodge Announces California Edition Cruiser

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Carmakers have been building California edition cars since the Governator was just a seed in the pocket of some Austrian's brownish shirt. Now, as Wert found out — he's prowling around metro Detroit, looking for a free press luncheon and a nice cabernet — Chrysler's building a limited edition PT Cruiser with a West Coast theme. It's the 2007 PT Street Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition, which is an homage to that famous route along the ocean; both killer of Ferrari Enzos and purveyor of spectacular scenery. Chrysler's already done the Route 66 edition; we're still waiting for the Long Island Expressway edition. UPDATE: Wert and part-time volunteer Jalopnik buddy James LaMoreaux snapped some pics of the reveal and voila — photo gallery!

Chrysler Launches Limited Edition "Route 66" PT Cruiser [internal]