​PSA: Don't Drive Drunk And Take A Leak In The Middle Of The Freeway

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There are a few basic rules you need to follow to live in modern society. Among them: don't drink and drive, and when your car breaks down on the freeway, don't use it as an opportunity to wiz while cars, um, whiz past.

Unfortunately, those two things were just too much to ask from a drunk San Diego woman whose Scion tC reportedly stalled out in the middle of the I-15 freeway in City Heights last night. She was later arrested and her name was not released.

A few things are amazing about this.

First, nobody died. There was no wreck or carnage, likely because the 15 isn't that crowded at 1:45 AM on a Thursday morning and several motorists stopped to direct traffic around the stranded Scion.


Second, one of them was a photojournalist from 10News, who recorded it all, including…

Third, before our dimwitted drunkard decided to exit the car, she squatted outside the driver's side door and let her bladder rip.

Stay classy, San Diego.

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Usually i never bring these things up and would call myself a feminist, but this video demonstrates the typical double standard by many men when helping a drunk girl vs helping a drunk guy.

Drunk Girl endangers life of drivers = Poor girl, let her walk around on the highway while we stop the whole traffic, just don’t criticise her behavior or forcefully remove her.

Drunk Guy endangers life of drivers = Gets forcefully pulled to the side of the road, yelled at and restrained.

Is there some law in the US that you can’t be forceful towards women or why did they let her walk around at all, therefore endangering lives of drivers? Unbelievable