Google has had a rough go lately with its perception among Bay Area residents. The whole Google private bus issue hasn't helped matters. And then there are those who want more privacy. They're starting to form mobs.

The group Counterforce distributed fliers and staged a protest Wednesday in front of the Berkeley home belonging to Anthony Levandowski, one of the main engineers behind Google's self-driving car, according to ArsTechnica. On the forum Indybay, a user posted pictures of Levandowski's house from a Street View image, as well as the fliers being handed out before the 7 a.m. protest.

From the Indybay post:

His house is a pompous, minimally decorated two story palace with stone lions guarding the door. After ringing his doorbell to alert him of the protest, a banner was held in front of his house that read "Google's Future Stops Here" and fliers about him were distributed around the neighborhood. The fliers detailed his work with the defense industry and his plans to develop luxury condos in Berkeley.

Among the developments, protesters were angry over Google's surveillance methods, including Street View and work being done with their autonomous vehicles.


So for anyone in a Google car in the Bay Area right now, do keep an eye out for mobs of protesters. Or maybe the car does that for you now. We really aren't sure what they're capable of anymore.

Photo: Getty Images