Propane Powered Suzuki Samurai Is Quite Acceptable

If the first thought that comes to mind when considering a vehicle once rated "unacceptable" by Consumer Reports because it "rolls over too easily" is not lifting it up in the air and adding twenty gallons of highly explosive gas to the passenger compartment, we certainly don't blame you.

That is however what the current owner of this 1988 Suzuki Samurai has done in the name of "increased off angle operation"—which we assume to mean more off road clearance due to a missing gas tank—and to take advantage of propane's lower price. As you can see this Samurai was also lifted, but we aren't sure exactly how much higher it is now than when it left the factory in '88


Thanks to the height increase there is little question that this modified Samurai looks like it is about to roll over even sitting still. Having said that, if you can accept never taking a corner going faster than 10 mph this alternative fuel mini-SUV looks like a pretty cool low speed cruiser.

Starting with a stock and rust free Samurai the current owner spent quite a bit of money converting the truck into the ideal "trail rig". Luckily for its next owner this Suzuki never actually made it to the trails it was built for, sparing the mostly rust free body the inevitable carnage of serious off road use.

The result is a interesting modified Samurai that is to us quite a bargain at the current high bid of $3050. If bidding on this No Reserve Suzuki makes it to $5000 the seller will include the propane tanks essential to operate the vehicle, larger off-road tires and a GPS. We just hope whoever places the high bid on this Sami tomorrow night doesn't encounter the need to quickly turn at speed.



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