Proof The Chevy Reaper Is Just A Bumper Away From Full-On Awesomeness

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Renown tuner Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and Southern Comfort Automotive birthed their idea for a “GM version of the Ford Raptor” as the Chevy Reaper some months ago. Cool concept, egregiously ugly. Now they’ve rectified that with a stately GMC version.

The wheels could still stand to be a little smaller and... unshinier... but I love the way that lean winch bumper blends into the GMC’s existing lines and looks the business without being all obnoxious about it.

I guess there’s a little irony in wanting a subtly-styled performance pickup truck... but whatever, this thing is speaking my language and I’d take a Denali interior over the current Raptor’s for long desert hauls any day. Make mine white with black trim and a debadged grille and we’ve got the ultimate Baja party hopper! I mean, dune blaster. (I mean los dos!)


Image via Lingenfelter

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Am I the only one that thinks a Colorado would look more bad ass than a 1500 done up. Meaty tires, new fascia, MAYBE aggressive 1/4 panels.