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Proof That The Toyota Auris Will Be America's Scion iM

Illustration for article titled Proof That The Toyota Auris Will Be Americas Scion iM

The real problem with Toyota's ostensibly youth-oriented Scion brand is that it's starving for products. Some days, I think the FR-S is the only thing really keeping it alive. For a while we've heard the European Toyota Auris hatch and wagon might get Scion badges; now we have some solid proof.


Here's a tweet from Ward's Auto, previewing the Scion iM at next month's LA Auto Show:


Scion followed up with this tweet:

Those headlamps look awfully Auris-y to me. I think this one's a lock.

The next question is: Why should we care? Well... I don't know. In other markets the Auris has stuff we care about, like all-wheel drive, a six-speed manual and a wagon version. But at the end of the day, it's based on the Corolla platform, so I'm not expecting huge thrills.


Either way, it's something for Scion, and they should take what they can get right now.

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Just kill the effing Scion brand already and rebadge all these cars as Toyotas. Toyota could use the infusion of excitement and Scion is a tired gimmick that needs to die.