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There’s nothing wrong with grown men liking R/C cars! At least I hope not, because I could watch these things all day. Check out this adorable little truck springing over a jump, landing in a lake, and just keep on driving!

For my fellow R/C nerds; this truck is a Traxxas Slash 4X4 on paddle tires, normally used for sand. Turns out they turn the vehicle into a pretty decent boat, too. Otherwise it’s stock, with the company’s Stability Management (literally traction control for a toy car), high-speed gearing and a Power Cell 3s LiPo battery.

Anybody willing to find some paddle tires and try this with your adult-sized truck? Don’t do it, but do it and send us the video. But don’t do it. (Do it.) Be safe please.

Hat tip to FutureSpeed!

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