Project Tempest: A New Austin Healy

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If one failed bidder for MG Rover has his way, we could see a revival of the famed Austin Healey sports car, along with several other lost marques of old. Monaco-based Krish Bhaskar, an industry analyst turned investor, is embarking on what he calls Project Tempest, the centerpiece of which is a concept sports car (pictured) based on the the Austin Healey 3000 from the 1960s. Bhaskar doesn't yet have ownership of the brand, but assumedly by publicizing his intentions will try to persuade the estate of Donald Healey to offer it for licensing. According to Top Gear, the "Tempest" would be limited to 155mph, but go from zero to 100 mph in under 12 seconds, likely rivaling the BMW Z4 and its ilk in the $45,000 (UK) range. Edmunds reports Bhaskar's plan could involve taking over Peugeot's Ryton plant in Coventry, England, if PSA closes it in 2008, where he would build new versions of other lost British cars. Triumph Mayflower, anyone?


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