Project Car Hell, Sorta Famous Edition: Fabio's Lancia or Pauley Perrette's Volvo?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we saw the "Bentley" (actually a Rolls with Bentley grille) beat the "Rolls-Royce" (actually a Vanden Plas Princess with a Rolls grille) in the Choose Your Eternity poll in a 59/41 vote. Today we're going to contemplate the concept of fame. Now, none of us can afford to buy JFK's Continental or the Gremlin from Wayne's World, but that doesn't mean we don't have a shot at a famous car- we just need to aim lower! And today… well, we're aiming really low!

When you want to drive a car that was once owned by a famous actor, you can expect to pay big bucks, and when the car is a vintage Italian machine with suicide doors? Forget it! Hold on, though, because we work miracles here at Project Car Hell… and we can put you behind the wheel of this 1960 Lancia Appia (sorry, the ad got pulled from Craigslist, so we have to use a screenshot), which was once owned by Fabio! You think some of Mr. Bodice Ripper's charismatic glow will rub off on you from this car? Sure thing! Of course, before that can happen, you'll need to get it running. The seller doesn't mention the running condition (or lack thereof) in the description, but "needs restoration" is generally accepted as Craigslist-ese for "nothing works." Don't worry about finding parts for your new Lancia, however, because the seller claims "Car is complete and no missing parts." Easy!
Maybe Fabio is a little too wholesome for you, what with his romance-novel faux-bad-boy image and all, and you want your famous car to be something notorious. You ain't getting Bonnie and Clyde's Ford V8, but how about a car that figured as the centerpiece in a squalid B-list divorce nightmare, culminating in allegations of abduction and rape and- naturally- leading to the publication of a documentary, a book, and a reality TV show? That's what you get with the Star Crazy Volvo 244, which figured prominently in Pauley Perrette's legal battles with- we ain't making this up- Coyote Shivers. You'll need to go to this site to get Mr. Shivers' side of the story, or you could just watch his statement below:

It's pretty much a run-of-the-mill '84 Volvo 244, with no mention of running condition or anything else, but it's priced at just 400 bucks with no reserve. Are you thinking 24 Hours Of LeMons V8 Volvo? You should be!

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