Project Car Hell, Richmond Edition: 2002 or 300ZX?

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The Neon trounced the Protege in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, which is something of a surprise given that a Protege won the Thunderhill race and would be more hellish to set up as a race car due to the automatic transmission. But no matter- today we're going to see which of two radically different cars will trounce the other like Robert E. Lee trounced the Yankees at Chancellorsville, because we're heading to former Confederate States of America capitol Richmond Virginia (thanks- and a Project Car Hell Tipster T-shirt- to tipster Josh).


In addition to having such historical significance, Richmond has plenty of good ol' iron oxide. Yes, metal parts tend to secede from their union with their host cars, and that's why this somewhat rusty 2002 (go here if the ad disappears) can be had for an asking price of just $300. The seller states "im told it runs but has a knock," which at least means it has some sort of engine that's intact enough to have moving connecting rods. Hey, just grab the M10 out of the first junked 320i you find, ignore the rust, and lower the tone at classy BMW events in your area. It's a 300-buck 2002!

Maybe you think modern electronics and Japanese V6s are the way to go, and have we got the car for you! Check out this 1992 300ZX (go here if the ad disappears), which "Blew transmission over 5 years ago" and has been sitting ever since. What could go wrong? Just put a junkyard trans in that bad boy and you'll be... sitting in the driveway, cursing. OK, we admit you might have some other issues with a car that's been sitting for five years, and that's not even counting the other broken stuff that the seller, er, forgot to mention in the ad. The seller wants $1500 for his or her Z32, but that "OBO" in the price (not to mention the "Looking to sell ASAP" bit) speaks volumes; we figure the actual selling price will be much lower.

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I've always had a softer spot in my heart for the more homely and practical things in life, including automobiles. I hope my wife is not reading this. I think the 2002 is the more classic design. Have someone else restore, buy it for a song, enjoy it for six months and sell it for big bucks. I know, I'm dreaming, I picked a bad week to stop drinkin'.