After tipster Pixel hipped us to Tiny Trucks Hell (in which, incidentally, the Cony beat the Simcamino by a statistically insignificant eyelash), we knew our readers would keep sending in truly nightmarish, yet compelling, PCH suggestions. And we were right! Today we award another Project Car Hell Tipster T-shirt to tipster Phillip, who has dredged up a pair of projects that don't need a common theme to knock us out with their awesomeness.


We used to think the Ford Mainline had the coolest name of any 40s American car, but that was before we found out about the Playboy. In 1947, the Playboy Motor Company of Buffalo, New York, built 98 cars. The '47 Playboy had a 40-horse flathead four... but this Playboy has been given a chassis transplant! Yes, the chassis and running gear from an '86 GMC S-15 have been married to the Playboy's body, resulting in better ground clearance and dignified good looks that will make Hugh Hefner himself rend his smoking jacket in envy. As for mechanical condition or any difficulties resulting from the not-really-completed swap... well, the engine runs! We don't know what kind of engine, or transmission, or anything else, you get here, but so? This Playboy just needs some TLC to be ready to knock 'em dead, Buffalo style!

Sure, you can call yourself a playboy by driving a car with that name, but a real playboy drives British machinery. And a playboy with a lot of tools and patience drives this pair of Triumphs! For an as-yet-undetermined reserve price (though you will get dinged with a 4% "service charge" if you pay via PayPal), you get a '68 TR250 and a TR4. The seller doesn't know the year of the TR4, but that's OK because he also doesn't have a title for either car. There's rust. Oh yes, there's definitely rust. But you get the 6-cylinder engine out of the 250, and enough parts between them to make most of a complete car! Looks like both cars have been disassembled and their parts scattered all over hell, so there's really no telling what you actually get. But imagine the smooth British style you'd be flashing behind the wheel of the finished project- what would it take, a couple weeks of work?

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