Project Car Hell: 1952 Chrysler Saratoga Or 1941 Oldsmobile Coupe?

Murliee Martin had to leave early to go pick up a guitar player down at the crossroads, so he asked me to step in and fill his evil shoes. And it's quite apropos as a certain friend of Jalopnik just referred to me as, "That dark spirit Jonny Lieberman." So be it. Yesterday's PCH was positively demonic with the Citroen SM beating out the XK-E 2+2. Good luck with that. In breaking with that theme, we bring you these two classics from Boise, ID. Why Boise? A friend of mine went to college there and found herself hanging out with the Satan worshippers because they had better weed than the Mormons. Go figure. And now, with Anton LaVey as my witness, I bring you the cars!


First to act is a 1952 second series Chrysler Saratoga, the most inexpensive V8 machine they made. This cheapness is reflected 55-years later in the seller's asking price: a steal at only $600. Interestingly, in 1951 Chrysler offered the Saratoga with an optional HEMI motivator. Does today's candidate possess such an engine? Who knows, as there is no engine! Or transmission. But it does come with "spare parts," so there you have it. We'd wager you could pick up a junked Magnum/Charger for not much scratch and swap it right in. Well, maybe not right in, but you get the idea. And the baby blue has got to go. You must have a few cans of gray spray paint lying around somewhere. We only ask that you leave the top white. As the seller says, this baby is a "great project car," so long as you have all your weekends free for eternity, in Hell!

Oh, but look at this guy. Who doesn't get their dark heart strings pulled by a '41 Olds Coupe? The owner just painted it (black, of course) and the interior is in "great shape." Sure, it costs 5 times as much as the Saratoga, but two doors are always more desirable, right? Plus, for that kind of scratch you at least get an engine and a tranny to wrench away forever on. Oh, wait a moment — you don't! That's right, just like the Chrysler, this sucker is a body on a frame with the promise of an eternity of bloodied knuckles and that's about it. And it only costs $2400 more. Still, the Olds is a looker, and few cars have said "drop a small block in me" with quite as much urgency. As always, the Devil's in the details, or with these two the lack there of. Cue Slayer, praise Satan, we're out.


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