Private Jet College Tour Costs More Than College Tuition

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If a classic college road trip tour with Junior sounds absolutely unbearable, or you dread the thought of all that wear-and-tear on the Land Rover, a private jet broker is offering customized college tours to take that terrible burden off your shoulders.


Magellan Jets is selling a prepaid card that gives you the use of a private jet for ten hours. The price tag of $43,000 is a bit more than the average tuition for a year at a private school ($40,917, according to the College Board). Megellan says they'll help you craft a multi-city itinerary and also arrange ground transportation when you land. Because everyone knows the best way to make a first impression at college is to show up in a chauffeured Town Car with Dad.

Source: MarketWatch

Top image: Embraer Phenom, similar to one operated by Megellan Jets. [Eric Salard on Flickr, with Creative Commons commercial use]

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That image is not of a Phenom. It is most definitely a Hawker 400 which is derived from the Mitsubishi Diamond Jet